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Fresh Flowers & Magical Themes for Bartle Hall's Winter Showcase Event

We had such a brilliant day over at Bartle Hall for their Winter Showcase Event a couple of weeks ago, we've had a completely different approach to the showcases we've been providing flowers for in 2018, we've treated the venues as if they were our Bride & Groom, we've learnt about them, about their history, about what's important to them and what little details will make it look and feel even more special. ~ So Bartle Hall holds a hugely special place in our hearts, it's a venue we've been supplying flowers to for over 20 years, we are there for one thing or another almost daily and they have a stellar squad of wedding professionals headed up by the brilliant husband & wife team Nicola & Andrew Haworth, together they ensure each Bride & Groom have a very personal and memorable experience. I know that from the minute you're greeted at reception by Tracey, to your first meeting with the super efficient Georgie to eating Ruth's home m…

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